Your Legal Questions Answered

  • What are my options regarding bankruptcy?
  • Will I lose my house if I file for bankruptcy?

Professional Licensing:
  • I had a complaint filed ageist my license with the board, what do i do?
  • The board has requested my records from my clients, what do i do?
  • I have a hearing scheduled before the board, should i be represented?
  • The board has offered me a license suspension - what are my options?

Business litigation:
  • What do I do if my business is sued?
  • How can I collect the money my business is owed?
  • Why does my business need a lawyer?

  • What are the penalties for OUI?
  • I've just been arrested, what should I do?
  • I lost my license for refusing a breath test, can I drive to work?
  • Should I take a breath test when asked?
  • Why should I hire a lawyer?
  • Now that I have been charged with drunk driving, what are my options?
  • Tomorrow is my first court appearance, what should I expect?