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Legal Ease - Community Access Television Appearances
Our attorneys are frequent particpants in community programs providing legal information about current topics in the law. Check back often for updated content.
Legal Ease - OUI Rights
Learn about your rights and consent during an OUI stop. Attorney Christopher Lilly guest hosts this episode, discussing various aspects of the law in regards to a vehicle stop for suspected OUI with Attorney Roy Pastor.

Legal Ease - Bar Advocates
  • Attorneys Christopher Lilly and David Erickson explain the differences of Bar Advocates and Public Defenders with host Ernie Hyde.

Guest host Christopher Lilly talks with Jerry Decristofaro about individual rights around search and seizure law. Highlighting various cases, they discuss when a person can be pat frisked by a police officer without the need of a search warrant.

Attorneys Christopher Lilly and John Lorden talk about the processes of filing notices and claims against an estate before the assets and property of someone that has passed away are distributed.

Attorney Christopher Lilly explains the newly enacted harassemnt protection law and how it differs from domestic restraining orders.