Professional Negligence

If you are a licensed professional who has been sued, the attorneys at Lorden, Pastor & Lilly, PC can help. Furthermore, if you feel that you have been damaged by the negligence of a licensed professional, you can benefit from our expansive litigation and trial experience. We handle all manner of professional negligence cases, including the following:
• Dental malpractice
• Architectural malpractice
• Accounting malpractice
• Engineering malpractice
• Sports entertainment malpractice
• Legal malpractice

Answers to your questions:
  • I had a complaint filed ageist my professional license, what do i do?
  • The board has requested my records from my clients, what do i do?
  • I have a hearing scheduled before the board, should i be represented?
  • The board has offered me a license suspension - what are my options?